Annwood Stud

Foundation Stock

Past Ponies


Merlin of Luckdon (2039)


Thunder of Marshwood x Mystic of Netherley

Foaled : 1964

Foundation stallion - Purchased 1968


Wells Gillian (8272)


Wells Superb x Wells Golden Flash

Foaled : 1971

Foundation mare producing 15 foals


Elector of Annwood (3207)

Merlin of Luckdon x Wells Eleanora

Foaled : 1978


Samantha of Annwood

Merlin of Luckdon x Samphire of Annwood

Foaled : 1980


Full sisters Garland of Annwood and Gilia of Annwood

Elector of Annwood x Wells Gillian


Garland won the SPSBS performance awards on two occasions and was champion native pony at the 1991 National Side Saddle Association Show.

Gilia, who still being ridden today, has wins including Perth Under Saddle and Champion Ridden at the Scottish Shetland Show.

Merlin of Luckdon Wells Gillian Elector of Annwood Samantha of Annwood Glimpse of Annwood Gilia (2) Garland of Annwood